Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Abrahamic Faith

Abrahamism is belief in the one God, creator of the universe. He is the same God of Abraham, Jesus and Muhammad.

The Jews descended from Isaac, son of Abraham by Sarah; the Muslims descended from Ishmael, son of Abraham by Hagar; the Christians spiritually descended from Jesus who came from the lineage of David who came all the way from the descendants of Abraham.

The three great monotheistic religions may differ in their rituals, ceremonies and observances, but they worship the same God, creator of the universe. He is Yahweh, Allah, God.

God is the Ground Force of the universe, Universal Subconscious Mind, Infinite Intelligence, Ultimate Justice, Divine Providence, Final Arbiter.

Scientists have been searching for the Theory of Everything for so long. Don't they know by now that he is the TOE, the Intelligent Designer?

Abrahamists believe in Tanakh, New Testament, and Quran as holy scriptures inspired by God.

At the end of the day, believers will say, I am a Jew, Muslim, and Christiian.

I will explain all this in my next columns by citing the scriptures, quotations by religious leaders, and current events. Please keep coming back to my website.


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Check out Secular Koranism.

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